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 Our Motto:  Ammonia, Odor & Heat of chickens ... Begone for ever!

   is a scientific breakthrough in Oder & Bacteria Defense, long lasting  and effective product.
*  It  helps people & birds to succeed and achieve a higher quality of life.
*It is an ecological; litter treatment Product.
* Economical and easy to use; It is used once a cycle and still effective
    for six weeks. A liter sprays 125 square meter.
*A must for all Poultry Farms. Breeders cannot do without it.
*Successfully used without adverse results and or complaints.
*Once you used it, you will never dare to stop it. It saves money.
*It removes not only Odor, but also Heat .
*It protects the chickens from sensitivity and respiratory and eye diseases. 
   The fighting  of these diseases usually eats up a budget.
*Bear in mind "prevention is better than cure". Having it is better than 
having a vet pharmacy on the farm. Remember it is "protective".

Ingredients :
         A concentrated blend of organic acids, and odor counteractants designed to neutralize ammonium compounds. A system of organic acids designed to neutralize ammonia and ammonium products. In a word it is made of the purest ingredients


reduces and prevents ammonia, odor, bacteria , humidity, temperature and contamination in the sprayed sheds and barns.  It is noticeable that  the spayed sheds are  free  from  bacteria, microbes and  insects and the chickens are more active, healthier and more energetic .  Reducing these factors  reduces the stress and makes a better environment  and it increases total production weight, health, comfort and better general raising conditions and consequently increasing healthy profits.

enhances health,  growth, litter   quality   and significantly reduces the bedding temperature, ammonia, growth cycle duration, odor and insects.

gets. rid of the worst two phenomena in the world of Poultry Breeding: Odor and Heat.  The significantly enhanced environment contributes to increased activity, growth and consequently better health. The resulting drier  droppings  can  remain  for consecutive cycles without removal  if no unrelated problems arise, thus saving time and  ........  labor, therefore increasing the productivity .

      The cost of applying is only a small percentage  compared  to the value-added benefits derived there from. Statistics show that has no adverse effects on the chickens or the environment and is not harmful to animals, plants and humans.  Statistics have also shown that high levels of ammonia and odor  can cause damage
to the respiratory tract and the respiratory system, high rates of pneumonia,  reduced weights gains and excess stress on the poor baby chicks.  Therefore,
has been launched to treat and prevent these troubles.

The Litter material will be drier, more granular and help to create  drier environment. As a principle, the drier the bedding, the mor active the chickens and the more they peck.

  Due to the reduced ammonia, the litter temperature Samna, as it is called in Egypt) is lower than the usual and this create s better environment and better growth of the chickens.

The resultant enhanced environment improves the process of food to weight conversion, reduced  condemnation, reduced rejects and reduced  chicken leg and blemishes.

  Yu can start another cycle on the same dry good quality bedding as no need to remove and replace bedding.  This fact alone permitted to save the  time for litter removal before the regular clean up procedure and the fresh litter material usually wood shavings were spread on top of the old litter. The time saved following several cycles permitted the addition of extra raising cycles.

Finally, The manure: When removing the accumulated litter, the resultant manure is more valuable because increases  the useable nitrogen and consequently the nutritional value in house gardens is more and the oder is  much less and thus is sold more expensive.

    Our guarantee when you purchase the product is 100% full  satisfaction. The noticeable  profits will publish a repeat order and regular user.

What do people say about ?

*A vet doctor supervising a farm using this product commented on the results attained at the cycle termination:

  "The Amazing fact is that it -he means  -had totally eliminated and removed the  disgusting odors of the barn"

*We have got this Email:
Dear Slash Group,
Many thanks for your valuable sample of "" which your touring team provided us at the farm for testing which lead to a repeat use. It proved successful and we're pleased with the performance of the product. We had found significant differences between "NAP" and our traditional methods. In fact, the definite advantages we've observed are: It's capability to control smells of manure and it's capability to control the resulting diseases of the odor like the respiratory and sensitivity diseases which usually eat up our budget. With we have achieved good success. Yours Truly, Ahmad Kamel,

*Another end-user, Dr. Ayman Hamed Mansour,  the Manager 
of  the First Unit of El-Ahram Farms for Turkeys, El-Haram, 
Giza, Tel 202  740 7365 and he is also a Researcher  
at The Institute of Research,  wrote about his experience:

 Conducting an experiment in Barn No 1, in El-Ahram Farm for Turkeys, Giza, ARE, on the beginning of March, 2002, I have had  these remarks.  The disappearance of Ammonia and disgusting odors which usually start from high humidity in the barn, and cause a lot of annoyance and great losses, particularly in closed barns and the barns which tend to be of higher temperatures during the earlier stages.  created better atmosphere for the young turkeys. 
They were a little more active and able to pick more.
has highly affected and stopped the bad negative effects of the ammonia on the birds.  The  affinity of birds for suffering from the respiratory  and sensitivity diseases were less in number in the folk,  compared with other barn which did not use "no-oder Poultry". Owing to the noticeable improvements which we have found we have decided to start using this product on the farm.

In a word we can summarize the benefits of this product as follows:

The production increase is expressed by a combination of the following improvements:
 1. Better feed conversion = increased weight for the same food and water
 2. Better health for the chickens
 3. Less infections in a cleaner environment.
 4. Reduces insect infestation.
 5. Less rejects due to skin or other blemishes.
 6. Reduced mortality rates.
 7. Increases the value of the manure.
 8. Reduces the duration of the grow out cycle for the same body weight.
 9. Increases the number of annual grow out cycles.

10. Allows more efficient cycle management.
11.  Interaction with the Slash Group and No-Odor sales personnel teaches  better growth management.
12. Importing valuable Products pushes the economy of the country foreword.
13. It is not an old man or a druggist's prescription leading to head or tail results,  , but it is modern labs and long term researches leading to guaranteed results.


*Always Remember this friendly Advice:
"Chicken barns or housing must always allow reasonable liberty, normal socialization, maximum fresh air, daylight, shelter and should provide a stressless time for the birds."



       A Certificate of Composition & Analysis of

                                 "No-Odor Poultry" &  "NOP"


is Ecological Poultry Litter & Ammonia Treatment, Ammonum Product, Ammonia Volatilization and Odor Reducer.  NOP enhances health, growth, liter quality, environment and significantly reduces the bedding temperature and humidity, ammonia, growth cycle duration, odor and insects.


Composition & Analysis:

       Chemical                                                                CAS #

1. Pure water                                                                  7732-18-5

2.Žhdroxytricarballylic Acid                                           77-92-9

3.Nonylphenoxy polyethoxy ethanol                                   9016-45-9


       is a combination of unique biodegradable and non-toxic, natural pure  ingredients that eliminate ammonia and organic odors especially formulated for the Poultry World.

Effective application: One Liter of    sprays 125 square meters.  A spray is effective for six weeks.

The Benefits of  "No-Odor Poultry":

1. creates better environment for the birds, animals, people and the farm neighboring areas. The birds live better and are stronger and have better chance to survive  and stay healthier.

2. It prevents ammonia, odor, disgusting smells and bacteria growths in the sprayed sheds.

3. It is clearly noticeable that less bacteria, less microbes and less insects are found in the sprayed  sheds  with  a much better environment.

4.  It reduces bedding  temperature, humidity  and the chickens will be more active, more energetic and healthier.

5. You may have less working Ventilation system and this saves electricity.  This is also beneficial in cold weather.

6.  An appreciable increase of the weight of the chickens.

7.  The litter material will be drier and more granular which causes drier and better environment

8.  The resultant enhanced environment improves the process of Food to Weight Conversion.

9.  You can start another cycle on the same dry good quality bedding (Sublah) as no need to remove and replace, if the cycle was not imposed to diseases.  This fact alone permitted to save time for the litter removal. You may just spread  wood shavings on top of the old litter.

10.      The resulting manure is odorless and more rich in nitrogen components and it is suitable for the gardens, and the street trees and therefore it is sold more expensive.

       Scientific experiments proved even better and much more  productivity in the American and European Farms reached to a high percentage.  

       With good litter management, and the use of “No-Odor Poultry”

To prevent ammonia buildup, some poultry companies are able to place more chickens in each square meter.


  The Scientific Approach to "No-Odor Poultry":

  The Process of poultry broiler litter putrefaction is a result of protein decomposition during the digestion process resulting in the forming of Indole and Skatole. Both contributing to the odor of feces and both have in their chemical make up, Hydrogen and Nitrogen.

    The next stage begins when feces is excreted resulting in the natural or mild oxidation action of free oxygen. Free oxygen molecules attach themselves to hydrogen molecules in the feces resulting in moisture or condensation, causing the remaining hydrogen and nitrogen molecules to become a gaseous substance,

Lighter than air, rising in the atmosphere over as the Ammonia.

    Also, this mild oxidation action triggers ever-present bacteria in the feces causing odors identified with feed lots and poultry grow-out areas. This same action holds true with urine.

      was developed to counter this process, using

the mild oxidation action to form a stable substance with a very slow release of the Nitrogen  molecules resulting in a remarkable

improvements of  bad odor and scents disappearance; both ammonia and bacterial-related.

How to use :

1.Run the usual disinfecting and cleanup after a growing cycle and spread clean bedding.

2.Put the liquid as is in the sprayer with a fine nozzle one Liter of NOP for each 125 sm.

3.Close windows and ventilation, adjust the nozzle to very fine and spray entire surface from 5ocm above the ground.

4. Introduce the newly-hatched chickens.

    Remark:  may be sprayed on the feces  on the bedding during the 
cycle , while the hens are in a corner of the chicken house, then after an hour release the hens.

Caution:   As a vet product for General Veterinary use, please keep out of reach of children

*First Aid:  In case of contact during long sprays, it may cause irritation in the eyes for very few people.  Flush eyes with water for at least 15 minutes.  If irritation persists, get medical attention.