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  Getting A License of as odor remover & environment Improver:

         In many countries of the world, particulary in USA, Canada and the European countries, 
"No-Odor Poultry" is used and sold as any other harmless product, without a licence.  There is 
not even a question of getting  a license or any kind of permit.  This is the rule as it is not applied 
for any purpose other than making  the animals' environment less stressful and more enjoyable. It 
aslo prevents ammonia from harming the poultry.  The Authorisation from France is only to reinforce 
the fact that  no  permit is required in the European Union in line with the attitude in USA and  
Canada. All are based on the fact that NOP is completely harmles and non-toxic to birds, animals 
and humans.

The  main reason of this consideration is that is used as external product not
interl one like injections and vitamines.It is harmes for humans and birds. It is sprayed under
newly-hatched chickens and rabbits. Those creatures are so weak that they die from a cold
puff of air.  It is good for them. The main componen tis "citric acid" the same used in the
international drink "Sprite".  We should concentrate on these facts when applying.

      Some very few countries has classified it as a disinfectant.We have convinced them that it has
 nothing to do with disinfecting. It has got another function to do. The farmers must do their regular 
cleaning and disinfecting as usual  and as before because No-Odor Poultry will not and cannot 
disinfect the poultry sheds. This can cause much confusion. If the farmer will use the NOP as a 
disinfectant instead of what he regularly uses there will be much trouble and  confusion. We could 
not be used for  misinterpretation of a product.
    Agents should explain the difference between the NOP as Odor-Remover and the disinfecting
products. They also shouldn't fill long forms anywhere in the world to get a licenec. We can help in
this respect., but they have to comply with the Official Laws of  their country. 

The Egyptian authorities isnsist to put it under control and investigation . They insisted that  it should 
be registered in the Ministry of Health and have a License Number, and that we did.We also got the 
agreement of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Industry.

Here's  a document reflects the real attitude of in GERMANY: