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1. What is NO-Odor Poultry?

                     2. Science & NOP.





The Ingredients of

    A Concentrated blend of patented odor counteractants. A system of organic acids designed to neutralize ammonia & ammonium products. Those ingredients  are harmless, non-inflammable and non-toxic.  They are not harmful to birds, animals and humans. They are biodegradable and ecologically safe.  All the ingredients are of the highest possible purity. In fact it would not work at all  if this was otherwise. The product has been successfully  and widely used  in most countries of the world without adverse effects. Kindly read our page about  Licensing:

  We are proud to introduce to the Middle East market this product. We believe it will play a major role towards the progress of Poultry Farms, increase their productivity and Man will in the end eat a better quality of Chickens. We hope it will achieve a higher productivity as well as a higher quality. It is economical and all the breeders will be able to use and buy easily and successfully.  We did our best with the manufacturers to get it cheaper here than any other place to help promoting the Middle East farms and create cheap food sources. A Chicken is a small biological fridge suitable for all families. Our sole aim is that all will find a more delicious and a cleaner source of food.


In a word we can summarize the benefits of this product as follows:

The production increase is expressed by a combination of the following improvements:
 1. Better feed conversion = increased weight for the same food and water
 2. Better health for the chickens
 3. Less infections in a cleaner environment.
 4. Reduces insect infestation.
 5. Less rejects due to skin or other blemishes.
 6. Reduced mortality rates.
 7. Increases the value of the manure when sold to garden owners.
 8. Reduces the duration of the grow out cycle for the same body weight.
 9. Increases the number of annual groHerew out cycles.

10. Allows more efficient cycle management.
11.  Interaction with the Slash Group No-Odor sales personnel teaches 
     better growth management.
12. Once you used it, you would never stop using it.
13. You get values more than you pay for it.

14.The apparent safety of the applicator of the product being organic
 which is non-toxic to birds, animals, plants and humans.
15. It saves electricity by not using the ventilization system so much.


Here are the benefits as mentioned by the manufacturers:


  The General Manager,


       Assalamu Alaikom,


       Permit us to introduce a new American International Strategic Vet. Product



Slash Group is the Middle East Agent of:


         "No-Odor Poultry" (NOP)مانع  الأمونيـا للدواجن"    "

makes your Poultry houses like a garden, indeed!


           NOP    Is a high tech litter treatment product, simple to apply, fine spray onto fresh                    litter bedding.


NOP    Is non-toxic, phosphate free and is a biodegradable blend of organic acids and odor counteractants designed to neutralize ammonium compounds.


NOP    Application reduces ammonia volatilization, odor, humidity, temperature, condemnation, insects, labor and contamination in poultry sheds.


NOP    Increases total production weight, health, comfort, enhances the environment quality.

NOP    Contributes to increased activity and improved feed to weight conversion.

NOP    Application reduces ammonia and odor build-up in multiple layers of litter.

NOP    Allows more chicks to be placed by poultry growers.

NOP    Increases batch weights progressively with successive NOP applications until                    optimized.

NOP    Enhances the value of spent litter as manure and feed additive.

NOP    Saves time and labor adding annual production days and batches.

NOP    Improves our environment and increases profit.

NOP    is used for chickens, Hens, Mothers, Grandparents, Geese, Ducks, Turkeys and Rabbits.

NOP   is protective. It is better than a Vet Pharmacy on the farm.

"No-Odor Poultry" costs only a fraction compared to the benefits derived                         thereof.  It saves its costs and add to your production and healthy profits. It is                      a modern Innovation, which we should use and make use of.


                  We hope you will be our partner in success.

                    Kindest regards,

                    Slash Group