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Introducing a New American Vet. Product to the first time in the Middle East

Introducing a New American Proven Vet. "NO-Odor Poultry" Introducing a New American Proven Vet.   "NO-Odor Poultry" "No-Odor Poultry"    the New American Proven Vet. Product

Middle East Agent :

Slash Group (for Trade, Import & Export
334 King Faisal st., Giza, Egypt
Tel & Fax: (202) 587 1635


     Veterinary Products  

    Our Co. has been established in 1990 with a sole aim in mind to play a roll in the world trade and to promote full understanding and good relations among the peoples of the globe particularly in the field of Vet. Products. We must have a message in life to fulfill.  We love chickens and consider them one of the main sources of food to the World. Therefore,  we pity them as lovely little creatures  and  are deadly keen to give them the due care and the due treatment.  We usually handle brand name products and we guarantee our client's 100%satisfaction.  When a due care is given to the worst phenomena the chicken farmers face and suffer from:  Odor and Heat.  No-Odor Poultry  is the right answer. We're proud to handle this item,to register it at three Minsitries,  to import it from USA to our clients and to offer it to them. This is the source of our pride and happiness. 
    Slash Group has many Departments, Vet Products,  is one of the most active divisions. It is under the direct leadership of  the proprietor and is given every due care to proceed  and to develop.  The good relations with the outstanding companies  in the Arab World pushed the sales forward and will achieve the goals of the company.

        Ecological Products Co

         This year we have the honor of being the sole agents of Ecological Products in the Middle East and as a result and  a duty we're looking forward to having subagents in Egypt and  agents in the adjacent areas soon.  Their products cover a wide range amongst is the product No 1 in the World "No-Odor Poultry", which is the best for the Poultry breeders  to get  them rid  of the  first  two  of  their  enemies: Odor & Heat. They will vanish for ever from the barns of the chickens after its use.  From the first time of spraying the poultry shed   you will notice   difference.  The bad odor  will  vanish  and  the bacteria and insects will disappear. The hatchings are more active and healthy and the annoying mortality rate will decrease.  Within the first few weeks, after using the product, you will notice many changes for the better.

Ecological Products is one of the  world leaders in high tech vet products. If you're looking for a  very reputable company with ample experience, Ecological Products is the answer. They are willing and able to provide you with an expert know-how and the right experience in order to develop your Vet Project Needs for safety and far away from the troubles.  Their product is a pioneer in this respect and world wide used without side effects. As we're dealing with their
main products, needless to say that they have dozens of other similarly good
ones. A page, later will show all their products but in a simple form so that clients know the real products of the company.

334 king Faisal St., Giza, Egypt
Tel & Fax: (202) 587 1635